I’m Not There

By February 18, 2011Exhibition


Friday, 18 February

20:00  /// Performance:
Nation’s Legacy of Severance
Zohar Melinek, Mary Williamson

20:00 – 22:00  /// Wine & Cheese

Curatorial statement

Exhibition : Feb 18, 2011 to Mar 4, 2011

Ronak Kordestani
Dinao MacCormick
Zohar Melinek
Mary Williamson

“I hold, instead of a homeland, the transformations of the world.” Nelly Sachs

Memory itself is movement; movement not in time but rather through densities. It is movement of thought. A dynamic process always in transformation: always in-moving. Never of a being, but of a becoming; never about the past of the once was, but the past in the making. As the bodies passage through territories, landing on new soil, a new dimension of movement is introduced, and its intersection with the movements of thought (memory) creates a new terrain of intensities. Let’s call it Nostalgia.

Using a “traveller’s voice”, Ronak Kordestani’s lyrical paintings and collages, frame parts of this terrain. Her ongoing series passages, narrates her migration experience, through a combination of abstraction and representation. While Kordestani’s paintings explore movements within places, Dinao Macormak’s drawings render movements through time. With her pencil lines and careful use of color, Macormak draws new permutations of her childhood family photographs. On stage, Zohar Melinek and Mary Williamson parallel these works with a performance that evokes a transient psychological and physical journey of two individuals, embodying a connection between ones own displacement and the absence of nationhood.