Interiority Complex: Residency Exhibition

By August 4, 2011Exhibition


Join us for a multi-sensory installation and artist talk by Laura Hernandez on August 6th, 8pm

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Curatorial Statement

Laura Herndandez and Unai Miquelajáuregui (Mexico)
Derek Sandbeck (Saskatoon)

Curated by Jessa Alston-O’Connor
Studio Béluga Board of Directors

Interiority Complex brings together works produced during the Summer 2011 Residency at Studio Béluga. The projects by Mexico based installation artists Laura Herndandez and Unai Miquelajáuregui, and Saskatoon based sculptor and photographer Derek Sandbeck demonstrate varied approaches to challenging our felt inability to translate interior states.

Respatializing cognitive dimensions of humanity is key to the recent collaborative works by Herndandez and Miquelajáuregui. Through their experimentations with sculpture, photo mapping, and projections and movement, they seek to bring such abstract concepts as the cosmos and human mind into the physical realm, evoking a multi-sensory experience of the universal inaccessible spaces that lie within each of us.

Sandbeck explores the complex challenge of adequately capturing the moments and relationships that unfold within domestic spaces, and the individuals who live there. His works are a nod to the trope of family photography, moving past the construction of posed family albums to consider the deeply personal moments and mundane exchanges that occur within the home. Through his sculpture and drawing, he seeks to deconstruct the physical environment, further exploring the parts that are seldom seen.

While Hernandez’s focus is on the universal, Sandbeck’s interests lie in the deeply personal and individual, and the physical and imagined spaces we inhabit. When considered together, the viewer is invited to consider how Hernandez’s reconceptualization of the psyche may enrich our understanding of the subjects within Sandbeck’s intimate photography. By entering into the dialog between these works, the internal space of the mind, and the interior spaces of the home are reified to invite the viewer to reconsider those intangible spaces within.

-Jessa Alston-O’Connor

The work of Laura Hernandez has been exhibited around the world since she began her artistic practice almost thirty years ago. Her work was described as “ …a combination of intuitive drive, artistic control and painterly touch [which] borders on the awesome” by William Wilson (LA Times). She has exhibited solo shows at the Museum of Latin American Art (Long Beach, California), The Museum of Natural History (Mexico) and the Museo de Arte Contemporeano, Oaxaca, Mexico. In addition to traditional techniques, her aesthetic inquiry is characterized by integrating the world of art, different disciplines and technologies such as mechanical, mechatronics, robotics, light and sound exploration. thus creating diverse environments in which one can enter and be surrounded, and that invite the viewer to dive and become a part of them.

Unai Miquelajauregui was born in Mexico city where he completed his degrees in Sound Design and Theatre at UNAM. He is currently finishing an MFA degree in Film Production at Concordia University. Unai is mainly interested in non-linear narrative, experimental fiction, and the role of the viewer in the film-making process. His portfolio includes work in Theatre, Photography and Sound Design. His film work covers a wide range of genres from music videos, experimental documentaries, fiction short-films and video installation work. He is currently developing an interactive video installation and he is a collaborator for the video and 3D projection mapping for Conscientia for the MUAC Museum in Mexico City.

Derek Sandbeck’s work is explores ideas of environment, specifically through the study of home. His practice is primarily photography-based, however he utilizes a larger variety of mediums to generate the work, such as sculpture and drawing. His artistic practice attempts to intimately look at our environments and the connections we have with them, examining human interaction with place through the juxtaposition of deconstructed environment and the observation of intimate interaction with physical space. Sandbeck was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He attended school in both Saskatchewan and Alberta, recently completing a BFA degree at the University of Saskatchewan.