ArtUp! XIII: Cal[le] verre2 terre by Öfio

By June 27, 2017Exhibition


Tuesday June 27th
5PM – 7PM
Theatre Sainte Catherine Café-Bar
264 rue Sainte-Catherine est

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For the 13th edition of our Art-Up! series at Theatre Sainte Catherine Café-Bar we are thrilled to welcome Cal[le] verre2 terre by Öfio

Artist’s statement

Cal[le] verre2 terre is Öfio’s laboratory, where he experiments with and examines the themes that run through his artistic practice. His works are marked by a sincere forgetfulness that elicits both reflection and realization in equal parts. Half common experience and half embodied enthusiasm for the environment, Öfio’s works are inspired by nature, accepting it as an authoritative master that may lay down a challenge at any moment. He believes that understanding this renders him more human, more humble, and more aware. The works demand reconsideration of established associations, and acknowledge that we are in a constant state of transformation as we race towards authenticity, and as we negotiate with the imperishable synthetic.
On display starting June 26.