Studio Béluga est une coopérative d’art établie pour aider les artistes, les curateurs et les professionnels de l’art  à se rencontrer, échanger et apprendre dans une communauté créative. Nous encourageons la collaboration à travers différents domaines par des expositions, des résidences et des activités publiques. Avec un conseil d’administration diffusé à travers le Canada à Montréal, Toronto, Brandon, et Vancouver, les exhibitions et les événements n’ont pas d’espace propres à eux; Béluga révolutionne le modèle traditionnel des galeries d’art, tout en développant des solutions créatives qui s’inspirent de l’esprit nomade et éphémère de l’art.


Alina Maizel– founder
Alina graduated with a BA from Concordia University’s Political Science programme in 2008 and studied Arts Management at HEC Montreal. A seasoned culture industry professional, she is interested in creating connections between people and facilitating the creation of boundary-breaking art. Alina speaks several languages and has traveled widely, working with the public in Vancouver, Montréal, Havana, Paris, Tel Aviv, Moscow, and recently with the Russian delegation to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. She is a freelance producer, project manager, and art director. Alina is a co-founder of Studio Béluga. She rides her bike everywhere, even in the winter.

Sophia Maizel
Sophia studied Economics, Finance and Art History at McGill University. An avid traveller, she speaks several languages and is always on the move, having lived in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and The Netherlands over the past 3 years. Currently, Sophia works in Private Equity, providing funding to Canadian start-ups.

Lucie Lederhendler
Lucie holds a BA in Art History from McGill University, where her focus was on contemporary Chinese art and the social subtext of art movements.  Since  graduating, she has been investigating the symbiotic relationship between art crime, the market, and production.  As a curator, she is most concerned with audience and narrative. She works in educational programming at a performing arts centre in Montreal.

Natalia Lebedinskaia
Natalia Lebedinskaia is the curator of contemporary art at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba. She holds an MA in Art History from Concordia University, where she also received her BFA in Art History and Studio Arts. She held curatorial and art administration internships at The Banff Centre for the Arts’ residency program and Walter Phillips Gallery in Banff, Alberta. Natalia has also worked independently on projects and publications for Art Mûr, FOFA Gallery, Les Ateliers Jean Brillant, and Centre des arts actuels Skol, in Montréal. Her research interests focus on the ethics of exhibition and display, especially as they relate to negotiations of personal memory in the public sphere. Her curatorial approach aims to build communities, both ephemeral and lasting, through exhibitions and programming.

Erin Hall
Erin has been working as a Cultural Administrator for over 7 years.  In 2010 she graduated from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver with studies in Communication and French Language. One year later she made the move to Montreal with the goal of becoming a bilingual Arts and Culture Communications professional. Currently she is Studio Béluga’s Publicist as well as the Communications Manager at Théâtre Ste. Catherine.

Keith Waterfield
Keith studied creative writing and English literature at Concordia University in Montreal. Keith started volunteering with Studio Beluga several years ago and worked his way up to being a member of the board. One of few Anglos in Quebec who has a full time jobin the arts, Keith also produces and hosts several comedy events throughout Montreal at the Segal Centre for Performing Arts, Theatre Ste Catherine, The Wiggle Room and other local venues. His writing can be found in several school journals, online blogs and Twitter @kfwaterfield.

Dave Bettan
(biography to come)

Les anciens

Svea Vikander – founder
Svea graduated from the University of Toronto with an honours BA in Psychology, English, and Paradigms and Archetypes. She is currently completing a diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy at the Transformational Arts College, Toronto, and a certificate in Management Fundamentals at Concordia University, Montréal. Svea is an independent curator and practicing visual artist, interested in relational aesthetics, corporeality and the development of artists within artist communities. She founded Studio Béluga in early 2009 with the goal of fostering interdisciplinary arts practices and creative exchange. She is now on maternity leave, acting as a consultant in studio-related administrative and curatorial capacities. In addition to her burgeoning family, Svea loves old words and the colour turquoise.

Maziar Javidiani
Mazi is originally from Tehran, Iran, and received his BFA in New Media Arts and Cinema from Concordia University in 2009. He is currently an active researcher at SenseLab, developing a project in collaboration with Erin Manning, as well as at Topological Media Lab, where he researches phenomenological approaches to memory. Mazi is also a practicing new media artist, focusing on narrative installations about mind, body, near-death, death and afterlife. At Studio Béluga, Mazi does graphic design, exhibition installation and programming. His most recent Béluga show was I’m Not There, a three-part series about memory, time and immigration. Mazi likes nothing more than to remember being nostalgic.

Stephanie D’Amico
Stephanie graduated from York University’s BFA programme with a specialist in Philosophy, magna cum laude in 2009. She is now an MA candidate at Concordia University’s Art History programme. While attending York she worked as Senior Arts Editor of Existere, a journal of arts and literature. She now writes for Art Mûr Gallery and is assistant to Sandra Paikowsky in Montreal. Stephanie’s research areas include museology, contemporary art, and American and European Modernism. Her MA thesis project traces the expansion of the concept of “realism” as seen in American verist painting since the 1960s, focusing on how the meaning of “realism” has been shaped by social and technological change. At Studio Béluga, Stephanie oversees administrative and some financial duties, and contributes to curatorial and outreach projects. She has a large but never-seen collection of early and mid-century English teacups.

Anastasia Hare
Anastasia is a writer, curator and creator. She holds an MA in Art History and a Graduate Diploma in Curatorial Studies in Visual Culture from York University; and a BFA in Art History and Studio Art from Concordia University. Anastasia became involved with Studio Béluga in the summer of 2009, co-curating nestling, a four-part series of events about nests and home.

Sarah Wilkinson
Sarah Wilkinson is currently an M.A. candidate in Library and Information Studies at McGill University. She holds a BFA with distinction and an MA in Art History, both from Concordia University. She is an independent curator, freelance writer and archivist. She is currently on the board of directors and head of archives at Studio Béluga, a non-profit curatorial collective dedicated to emerging artists. Exhibitions include I’m Not There (2011). Some of her written works include texts for Gallery ArtMur and Canadian Heritage Information Network.

Jessa Alston-O’Connor
Jessa is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan BA Honours Art History programme and is currently pursuing her MA in Art History at Concordia University. She brings a breadth of experience to Studio Béluga, including four years in didactics and public programming at the Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon. Jessa has a keen interest in post-colonial issues of race, culture and ethnicity in Canada and the ways they are approached by contemporary art practices, specifically the consumption and construction of Asian identity and food culture. Initially from Western Canada, Jessa aims to connect to and work with artists from outside Quebec, providing unique and valuable opportunities to create and exhibit their work in Montréal. At Studio Béluga she works as artist liaison and lends her expertise in photography to exhibition documentation. She has been studying Irish dance for nine years.

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